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Services and Capabilities

More Uniforms recognizes that a uniform program consists of more than just apparel products. Our strength is delivering the whole program, allowing you to focus on your business. The capabilities of your uniform program can include:

Program Design

Participation in the selection of items to be included in a uniform program; input into the way program items may be worn in combination with one another.

Inventory Planning and Procurement

Collaborative forecasting to determine how much is needed based upon history and actual demand includes monitoring orders and tracking deliveries.

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Providing the facilities, systems, and personnel needed to effectively house and protect products awaiting shipment.


We provide programs from the highly customized to the completely stock uniform program and all levels in between. Utilizing either stock product or custom design solutions, we tailor our client programs to the specific needs of our customers.

More Uniforms has built a diversified pool of global vendor partners to ensure the sourcing of the highest quality garments at the most competitive price. This pool of reliable suppliers also provides us with greater flexibility, product diversity, and the capability to circumvent potential interruptions in product supply.

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